Banding of Haemorrhoids



After this procedure:


  • There may be mild discomfort and desire to open the bowels for a few days.
  • Small rings may be passed at any time.
  • There may be some bleeding during the first two weeks due to banding.


When to seek medical advice:


Please contact your doctor or hospital if you –

  • Experience any pain not controlled by medication.
  • Develop a fever.
  • Develop excessive bleeding.
  • Experience any general feeling of being unwell that continues more than two days post procedure.


If you have had sedation or general anaesthetic for this procedure:

The drugs used may still be in your system.


You must make sure you have a responsible adult to care for you at home after the procedure.


Until the following morning you should not:

  • Drive a vehicle, ride a bicycle or operate machinery
  • Make any important decisions
  • Sign legal documents
  • Drink alcohol


* * *

If you require further advice or experience problems contact our Admissions Nurse on 97912244 or your Surgeon on 97211333.

If after hours please contact  your local hospital.                                           Bunbury Regional Hospital ph 97221000